Breaking a pornography addiction?

Biblical counsellors find the problem of pornography to be rampant among men — even among church goers. I admit we do not directly address it much at church, or one to one. But it does come up in my counseling — and I would like to talk with you if it is a problem in your life.

To serve those who need counsel and help in the meanwhile, let me direct you to a fine article (here) by Dr David Powlison, of CCEF in Philadelphia. Of course reading an article is not the solution — but it can point you in the right direction.

One helpful section of his article is excerpted below. You can see that his comments might very well be transfered to other sin problems….

What Does Progress Look Like?

What does progress in your struggle with pornography look like? In all typical human struggles (like anger, anxiety, escapism), winning doesn’t mean achieving perfection. It means having a new goal and a new direction. Your direction in life determines your final destination. Where are you headed? Are you going in the right direction? Going in the right direction in your struggle with pornography means learning to fight your temptation to sin, to handle your guilt when you fail, and to understand and avoid the circumstances in which you are tempted.

Making progress in these three areas does not mean you will suddenly get teleported from the mire in which you now live to the mountaintop of freedom from all temptation. Change in these areas means taking many small, incremental steps in the right direction.

Powlison goes on to identify seven areas in which we can measure progress, and how to address the deeper struggles behind this problem. I highly recommend the article and the CCEF web site.

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