Questions on the roof

The other night our family ate outisde “on the roof” at the Golden Lion in Florida. The ocean was waving to us on one side, while the sun was setting on the other. It was a beautiful spot to be. Yet there was another family there, whose lone little girl was — much to our surprise — seated in front of a portable DVD player watching a Disney movie! Why? We couldn’t figure that out. Why watch reruns of an old movie, while a glorious sunset was illuminating the white tops of the rolling waves below us? With such a vantage point, why not look around? Why not soak it all up?

Why dibble-dabble in such minuscule pursuits while grander pleasures present themselves?

I’m sure the answer to this question on the roof is similar to the answer of another, more important question: why do people not seek God, and enjoy Him daily, while He is near, while He presents Himself to us in the gospel, by His grace? Why instead watch TV or busy one’s self with things of the world, when the Maker of this world awaits a relationship with us? It seems like the worst of choices, yet millions make this choice every day.

Do you know the answers? What do you delight in?

2 thoughts on “Questions on the roof

  1. John, thank you for that helpful pointer BACK to God’s word. It was enlightening to read Psalm 10 again.

    So often we can be distracted by temporal things. Thank you both for this helpful reminder that the Lord deisres the fellowship of his own. I will bask in his Glory today!


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