Week Two…

It’s been a few days since I have been able to post an entry here. Internet access in Florida was modest, to say the least (dial-up, with limited access to it). Let me post a few topical thoughts (Beach, Golf, Sunburn, etc.) from Monday through Friday (DAYS 8 – 12) as they come to me…

WEATHER: Florida was much warmer than NY! Although it was rather windy most of the week, the sunshine amply madeup for it. Wehave pictures from the beach of the adults in jackets, keepong warm in our beach chairs, while the kids were romping in the surf! The few times we played some golf, the weather was superb.

GOLF: Andrew and I were able to visit the private club’s practice area and hit plenty of practice shots during the week. The setting for this was gorgeous, unlike any driving range I’d ever used before. On Tuesday, we played 9 holes on the cllub’s links course with Grandmother (my mohter-in-law, a fine golfer in her own right). I played pretty poorly, but enjoyed the course. On Thursday, Andrew and I played as a two-some, following Laarel and her folks in the group ahead of us. My practice, and a hot tip on my grip, led to a fine score for the day for me! Happy me! Here’s a link to the Hammock Dunes course.

THE BEACH: I think our kids enjoyed the beach most of all — especially little Heather! She would dig in the sand for hours, or chase seagulls, etc. The water was too cold for me to do more than sample the waves once or twice. The kids were the hardy ones, out with their little boogie boards (mini-surf boards), battling the waves. I marvelled at the pelicans flying by in formation, and the endless horizon — of sea and of beach.

OUR BIG VAN GETTING STUCK ON THE BEACH: Technically, we got out of the soft sand, so we were not really stuck! (But it did take some time and effort to move the van on one of our visits!)

SEAFOOD: We were able to eat out a few times, and enjoyed lots of fish burgers and fish and chips. I wonder if I can find some good crab cakes back in NY?

SUNTANS & SUBURNS: Most everyone looks a bit more tan than last week. John and Daniel also have nice, shiny red faces to take home to NY.

READING: I took two books: THE MAYFLOWER by N. Philbrick (on the Pilgrims and the first 100 years of New England), and THE CONFESSIONS by Augustine. I did some reading, but didn’t finish either one. Heather brought lots of little books, and daily found people to read to her! Papa knows the ‘Nora’ books well by now! We’re all glad that she likes books (she must be a Bissett!).

Well, it is now Friday, and we’ve begun our return trip to NY. We’re in the Carolina’s at a nice little hotel (with high speed internet). We grabbed some pizza for dinner and relaxed after a 450 miles drive. Plans include a brief stay in Washington DC, and worship there on Sunday (at Capital Hill Baptist Church). Vacation ends on Monday — school, etc., resumes for us all on Tuesday.

We have cerrtainly been refreshed, and I think all of us look forward to our friends, and our callings in NY.

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