Day-traders, not truth seekers

It’s 5:20 AM on a Friday. There’s a snow/ice storm going on outside, so I check the computer weather link. Looking at the very latest radar image on my computer, I see more ice than I thought. Having the latest weather or news is important. Spending less time waiting for it in front of the TV is great.

This morning I also scan past some headlines, including The Drudge Report. One there speaks of how his news reporting may have contributed to the recent stock market slide. Really? I check it out, and find some keen insights along the way, including this —

One thing I’ve noticed in my own behavior – and most other folks I know who spend their days sitting near a computer (i.e., almost everyone) is that we are in a perpetual race to get to the news as early as possible. You can understand this attitude amongst, say, day traders, for whom timing in everything. And yet, in a sense, we are all day traders now, wanting the news – especially the important, breaking news – the instant it occurs. The result is a behavior that I can only describe as “surfing upstream”. That is, we surf the cable stations on television even as we race around the net, trying to capture the latest update the instant it appears . . .and we are frustrated and furious over any delay.
Michael Malone of ABC Money news

This really describes our whole American culture, with its addiction to technology and its lust for finding meaning in the ephemeral.

Now it’s 5:35 AM, and time for me to close the laptop, move to a comfortable chair, prayer and then open my 2,000 year old Book. As I read, and learn I will use my fountain pen to jot some thoughts into a little bound journal book, that I can read through anytime in the future.

I can take my time, since I am seeking truth not news that will be old tomorrow. Jesus said, (Jn 8:31-32) …“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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