Boston Massacre

Have we forgotten how our country’s earliest patriots fought for their freedoms? Today marks the anniversary of the Boston Massacre — March 5, 1770.

Okay, so the actual event was not a massacre; a handful of colonists were shot by British soldiers after an angry crowd threatened a British sentry (with shouts, and snowballs). The massacre label came from speeches at patriotic rallies later on.

British troops had been quartered in the city for a couple of years as the American colonies were increasingly taxed and economically squeezed by a heavy-handed British parliament.

Interestingly, John Adams (a leading patriot and future president) led the legal defense of the British soldiers. The officer and several of the soldiers were acquitted, and two of the soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter, branded on their thumbs as punishment.

Paul Revere’s poster (a mass-printed “engraving”) certainly helped stir the hearts and minds of others seeking freedom. If you cherish your freedoms, remember our past and be vigilant in the present.


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