Prayin’ for President-elect Obama? We must…

I’ve been not feeling well today, but that always makes me more prayerful (part of God’s plan I suspect). Pastor Ligon Duncan has written some good words on a crucial topic for all believers this week: Praying for President-elect Obama. It’s really straight-forward and helpful. Read it, then spend a few minutes in prayer. I pray you do

ligonWell, my country and much of the rest of the world are electric with the election of Barack Obama as the new President of the United States of America. To say that it is historic, is a gross understatement.

Justin Taylor and Al Mohler, have both inspired some reflection on the question of how we as Christians –Bible-believing, Reformed, Christians– ought to pray for him, and I have freely borrowed many of their words and thoughts on this. But here are some ideas for leading our people to pray for our President-Elect. Barack Obama.

We ought to commit ourselves to pray for our new President, for his wife and family, for his administration, and for the nation. We will do this, not only because of the biblical command to pray for our rulers, but because of the Continue reading