Some wonderful Memorial Day thoughts by my daughter Kathryn….

Bloom & Grow

I wrote this post two years ago… I added a few words, but the picture is still the same…

He sat there silently. Jaw slightly shaking back and forth. Hands laid on the table in front of him. His face clearly worn by time. A proud cap perched slighly cocked on his head. Beside him sat two others. Two fellow comrades. Each wearing the same caps and each having seen their fair share of years. As the stars and stripes were raised the three men stood. One struggling to get up. Saluting the flag of their country as blank shots were fired one after another in honor of their fallen brothers. As others flinched and even jumped at the powerful sound, they stood in silent recognition. This sound was far from unfamiliar. Upon taking their seats, one pulled a small white handkercheif from his back pocket and brought it to…

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