Christianity. It’s who you know.

Christianity is all centered in a person” said Archibald G. (Archie) Brown, the great preacher who followed Spurgeon in London at the end of the 19th century. The quotation goes on to say this… 

“Conversion is not a mere change of human opinion; it is the devotion of heart to a person. A converted man is not a man who just changes his views concerning certain facts, or theories, or doctrines, but he is a man whose heart has become devoted to a living Christ. ‘He is altogether lovely.’ It is ‘he’.  Oh, may God take the impersonal pronoun out of our religion! All your religion, if it is worth anything, will just be centered in a living personal Jesus. Your doctrines will all come from him — your motives will all be found in him, our joys in him, your acceptance in him, your completeness in him.”


~ Archibald G. Brown (1844-1922), in “Love’s Exclamation”

This quote is at the front of a new book of Brown’s sermons called “The Face of Jesus Christ” just published by The Banner of Truth Trust.

The have also just published a fine new biography of the preacher, who’s so little known in our day. It’s written by Iain H Murray. I’ll have more to say on the biography in the days ahead. It’s so good, I can hardly put it down!

~ pdb

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