2 Chilean Miners & others come to Christ!

Read the news: The BAPTIST PRESS web site reports that when 33 miners became trapped in Chile 3 were professing Christians. One of them, José Henríquez, would lead the others in prayer each day. José also got word through a rescue worker to request a pastor visit with the trapped miners.

This brought Pastor Marcelo Leiva, of Vallenar Baptist Church (2 hours away) to the scene. This pastor had a wonderful ministry among the gathered families as well as with the governmental officials, and members of the world press gathered at the mine — leading one miner’s wife to Christ!

[excerpts from October 11th news report] —

When the mine collapsed, three of the miners — including Henríquez — were Christians. Since then, two more of them have made professions of faith.

The wife of one of the miners who became a Christian since being trapped in the mine met with Leiva over the past two weeks and also accepted Christ.

Leiva has had the opportunity to witness to family members, Chilean policemen and foreign press — including a Japanese reporter, Wolfe said. Leiva also wrote down a Scripture portion from Psalms and gave it to Mining Minister Laurence Golborne.

READ THE ARTICLE & see picture of the Pastor at the BAPTIST PRESS site.

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