‘tweeting’ truth….

I have a Twitter account (“dbissett”), and enjoy catching those little updates (only a sentence or two) from family and friends around the country. One fellow I follow is Paul David Tripp. His brief “tweets” are potent little messengers of truth! Let me share a few here, and (hopefully) in the future. You can follow him for yourself (“PaulTripp” on twitter).

You are in desperate need of help today. Grace guarantees you a Helper, who’s never unfaithful, weary, impatient, irritated, or hopeless.

In the face of inescapable sin, unrelenting grace is our only place of help, hope, courage, comfort, rest, and lasting peace.

Whenever you argue for your righteousness you deny both the diagnostic accuracy and curative potency of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For the guilt of sin, Jesus is the Lamb. For the inability of sin, Jesus in the Victor. For the foolishness of sin, Jesus is Wisdom.

Prayer calls me to abandon the present as my only lens on life and to commit to look at life from the perspective of eternity.

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