Longing for sensible assurance?

[commenting on the post-resurrection doubts of Thomas]

There are many, who, like Thomas, are longing for some sensible assurance of the love of Christ, beyond the general declarations of the Bible. They want some inward token that they are born again, some sensible assurance of their acceptance, before they believe and commit their souls wholly to Jesus. They desire to be Christians, but want to know that they have been converted before they trust. This is precisely the error of Thomas. They want the evidence of sense, rather than of faith. They want some inward work in the heart, as a ground of faith, rather than the outward work of Christ, offered in the gospel. Such an assurance will not be given them. Their warrant to believe is in the Word, and to give them any other warrant would be to dishonor that, and to thrust their hands into the Savior’s side before believing. They must go to Jesus, just as they are, cast themselves on his mercy, and believe that he will do as he has promised, pardon, purify, and save, and then the benediction shall descend upon them, “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

T. V. Moore,
THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS, The Forty Days Between the Resurrection and Ascension; Banner of Truth Trust, 1981, pp. 86-87

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