Arousing prayer…

Why not pray for an awakening in your church? You can pray that God would move in way that results in:

• hundreds of people coming to Christ,
• old animosities being removed,
• marriages being reconciled and renewed,
• wayward children coming home,
• long-standing slavery to sin being conquered,
• spiritual dullness being replaced by vibrant joy,
• weak faith being replaced by bold witness,
• disinterest in prayer being replaced by fervent intercession,
• boring Bible reading being replaced by passion for the Word,
• disinterest in global missions being replaced by energy for Christ’s name among the nations, and
• lukewarm worship being replaced by zeal for the greatness of God’s glory.

2 thoughts on “Arousing prayer…

  1. Sounds like someone has been keeping up with Mr. Piper… : )

    What wonderful things to pray for. I am indeed struck by my lack of zeal in praying such things. May God set fire to our desires for these things, for his glory.


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