Arrived in Florida

The verdict is in: Monday night there was snoring to be heard! And yet we all seemed to survive the night, and got on the road in good fashion Tuesday for the drive through the rest of the Carolina’s, across a sliver of Georgia, in to northern Florida.

1501_11_58-palm-tree_web1Palm trees are really a change of scenery! Laurel’s folks live in Palm Coast, and Tuesday afternoon they warmly welcomed our weary band of pilgrims from the north.

Today we had a leisurely pace as we visited the ocean, and then the heated pool at the club! We’ve seen small green critters, painted buntings, and even an alligator. Heather gets to cling to her Papa, and delight us all with her swimming.

Tonight I am in Orlando for the start of the Ligonier Conference in the morning. On the way into town I stopped at St Andrew’s Chapel — where R.C. Sproul is the preaching pastor and enjoyed a quick walk around the place (did not bump into RC there).

But just now my growing enthusiasm for the conference has been tempered by the reality of some church troubles at home (I had to check my emails!). Yet the Lord can still instruct a heavy heart, and He knows what is best for me. I am not really here for myself, but actually for my congregation — that they might profit from my spiritual growth and further training under the Word of God. It’s sobering and humbling. I’m off to read Psalm 121.


PS – I’m also thankful for the timely ESV “verse of the day” from Jeremiah 29:11 (in the right margin of my blog). Amen.

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