Vacation is underway…

Well it is good to have a change of pace — and this vacation is off to a quick one! We left New York after church on Sunday morning (and after lunch and loading the big van). After several hours drive down I-95, dodging NJ drivers weaving about us, we arrived safely in Maryland, at the home of old friends Dwight & Kim Chamberlain. What a warm welcome — even from the family dog, Chloe (is that how you spell it?), who seemed to like our Heather most of all!

Family vacations are also a good time for “character formation” (or so it would seem, from reading my daughter Kathryn’s blog, BLOOM AND GROW.)

i95After some great conversation it was off to bed. In the morning, we eat a leisurely breakfast while waiting for “rush hour” to pass, then it was off on the byways and highways to Virginia and beyond. Many parts of the drive were most interesting (long tunnels, and high bridges).

Tonight, after an hour long delay on the road (arrggg!), we have landed in Florence, South Carolina. We seem to have a brand new Holiday Inn Express all to our selves!

And everyone has since turned in to bed, while I do some work online (emails and this entry). My hope is that the boys, sharing the room with dad, will all fall deeply asleep before the old man starts “sawing logs” as they used to say! (stay tuned for results).


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