Cheer out loud for biblical fidelity!

In reading the superb and commendable new book, WHY WERE NOT EMERGENT, BY TWO GUYS WHO OUGHT TO BE, I found a most excellent item in the endnotes (yes, I am one of those folks who always reads them).

As the Episcopal Church USA (a part of the world Anglican church) moves to embrace the homosexual agenda, and even ordains and exalts active homosexual clergymen, some African Anglicans (and others) rightly broke communion with these Americans.

You’ll cheer (out loud, I hope) after you read this [as told in the endnote]…

When the ECUSA wanted to send a delegation to Uganda in order to offer financial assistance to the people, the Archbishop explained why he could not accept such a delegation. “If we fall silent about what you have done — promoting unbiblical sexual immorality — and we overturn or ignore the decision to declare a severing of relationship with ECUSA, poor displaced persons will receive aid. Here is our response: The gospel of Jesus Christ is not for sale, even among the poorest of us who have no money. Eternal life, obedience to Jesus Christ, and conforming to his Word are more important. The Word of God is clear that you have chosen a course of separation that leads to spiritual destruction. Because we love you, we cannot let that go unanswered …. As a result, any delegates you send cannot be welcomed, received, or seated. Neither can we share fellowship nor even receive desperately needed resources. If, however, you repent and return to the Lord, it would be an occasion for joy.”


1 thought on “Cheer out loud for biblical fidelity!

  1. This is inspirational. Nice to see someone standing on firm biblical principles instead of deciding that certain clear instruction from the Bible no longer applies. Once the Word is watered down it is no longer the Word–it then becomes a worthless soggy pile of papers.

    Thanks for the post on this–made my day.



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