Wrap-up at Lakeshore, MS

Here’s a group picture of the 150 or so volunteers helping at Lakeshore, MS, this week.  Can you find me? (middle right, in front of the railing).  This building is the church office — the actually church building is still a large metal hut.  Thursday was the last day for most of the volunteers from NY.group photoThursday was the busiest for me, on the ministry team, by far: there was an intoxicated woman from across the street who was a challenge to help; Wilbur, a 70 year old cajun man, whose wife died at home in the hurricane; lots of folks coming to the distribution center, including an elder deacon (from some other church) who wanted to tour the Lakeshore church; a thunderstorm drenching our work teams (I got to pick up Matt Hopkins and his team in my van, just in time); and, in the midst of the rain, I needed to get my cracked windshield replaced.  In the evening our NY team went into town for a special seafood dinner together — and the food was excellent!  I hope to add a few more reflections here in the days ahead, as so many things are still racing through my heart and mind.  Stay tuned….

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