Tuesday & Wednesday at Lakeshore

Yesterday went by quickly. The morning schedule even seems routine: Wake up between 5:15-5:30 AM & time for devotions; waiting & grab a shower or wash; 6 AM is breakfast (hot and very good); 6:45 AM morning chapel (I spoke at the Monday chapel on the helpers of Luke 5); 7-7:15 AM gather tools from locked sheds, load vehicles and drive work teams to work sites (I enjoy this task of driving, and seeing various projects underway); 8 AM or so, ministry team meeting on the church front porch (names for personal visitation handed out). Construction teams stay on their sites until 5 PM, eating a bag lunch.During the day my routine has varied. There have been evangelistic visits (lots of listening, then spiritual questions, and sharing from Scripture). On Tuesday I had the joy of praying with a women who was trusting Christ, but lacked assurance that she would go to heaven. On Tuesday afternoon (in th hot sun!) the ministry team also visited about 130 FEMA trailers nearby, inviting residents to a big meal and service on Friday night. Very insightful time. I have also been “on call” for fetching tools or people here or there, or getting photocopies made, etc. This week I did manage to help repair a door handle/latch that had broken.Evening routine: folks are brought home around 5 PM, and unload tools and workers hit the showers; dinner is at 5:30 PM, and has been hot and delicious (no kidding, thanks to chef Donald!). The meal tent is rather crowded, and many eat outside. Our Kathryn worked a couple of days in the kitchen crew, easily getting the reputation as a reliable and hard-worker. Then Matthew and Kathryn “switched places” so Kathryn could swing a hammer and work outside. Matthew (enthusiastically) had to get up and be in the kitchen by 4 AM. He has also been working hard (see attached cell phone picture, if I can get it loaded).Today’ schedule for me included starting some laundry after breakfast, then engaging folks coming to the church for “distribution day” — to pick up free food and clothing items from the warehouse here. The ministry team had a literature table set up, and enjoyed talking and praying with many. I spent nearly an hour with a retired fellow named Jack Ivy.This afternoon visitation was the first time we had a hard time finding the correct street but met more folks along the way. It is nearly time to pick up the crews. Later this evening is the local church’s prayer meeting, and after that some evening visitation.You should be able to see some more pictures at another blog about this week, HERE.Much is getting accomplished, both in the construction of homes, sharing the gospel boldly, and even in the lives of these volunteers. I am so glad to be here. Thanks for reading and for praying.Pastor David

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