Study Psalm 131

PSALM 131 — CPCC, Prayer Meeting August 22, 2007

Warm–Up Qn:  
When it comes to body-language, what are the tell-tale signs of a proud person?

    • a psalm of ascents (Pss. 120—134), often sung by pilgrims going up to Jerusalem
    • by David, and believed by several scholars to be from his younger (pre-king) years; perhaps related to his initial experiences in the palace of King Saul, and his sense of humility there while he awaited his own time to reign
    • verse 3 repeats one of the final thoughts (on ‘hope’) of the previous psalm (130:7)
    • this psalm may also speak of the Messiah, in the days of his humiliation on earth

Study & Discussion Questions:
• (1.1) What is the spritual posture of men who are sinful by nature? What is the spiritual posture of the psalmist here?  Cf: Psalm 101.5b
• (1.1) Why is “lifted up” or ‘high” a refernece to pridefulness?
• (1.1) Here the heart and the eyes are spiritually connected; what is the relationship between the attitude of our heart, and the activity of our eyes?
• (1.1) What is meant by “things too great and too marvelous for me”?
• (1.1) Is it wrong to think on such things? or place oneself on a par with them?See Jeremiah 45:5; Isaiah 57:15; and, Romans 12:16.
• (1.2) Verse two uses a simile [‘like’] of a child who is weaned, who no longer nurses close at his mother’s breast. Let’s first consider the imagery before we pursue the spiritual comparison.

What is a child like while nursing?
How difficult is the weaning process?
What does the completion of weaning signify? 

• (1.2) Where in this imagery does the psalmist claim to be? [done & weaned]What do you think this signifies about him spiritually?
• (1.2) How does one “calm and quiet” his soul? What would hinder reaching these? [discuss both practically] Do many believers today practice such things?
• (1.2) Which spiritual fruit [Gal 5:22] would help achieve this spiritual posture?
• (1.3) This final verse is a call to hope in the LORD. How does it connect to the previous verses about his spiritual posture?
• (1.3) How would this final call, and the whole psalm be useful to pilgrims on their way to a feast in Jerusalem?


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