Winning the Future

While the primary allegiance of Christians is to the Kingdom of God (present and future), we are also citizens of the kingdoms of earth, and called to do well in that role.  One of the most encouraging developments in American politics in the past two years has been the re-emerging voice of an ex-congressman, and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.  His current emphasis on helping America comes from his recent book, WINNING THE FUTURE.   This past week (8-7-07) he spoke at the National Press Club and in short measure gave a fine (yet alarming) speech about the disaster of the present primary & election process.  I urge you to view this speech, and get a whiff of how precarious our present political situation is!
One criticism of the recent party candidate debates, although hilarious, was right on:

These modern debates “are a cross between [TV shows] The Batchelor, American Idol and Who’s Smarter Than a fifth Grader!” 

Let’s be praying for Americans to do better with all the freedoms we (presently) enjoy in selecting our leaders, caring for one another, and preserving our heritage. 

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