Who knows what a week will hold?

Jesus does. Did you know that the events of Holy week were foretold on several occasions by Jesus — Mark 8:31+ff for instance? In telling the future to them He sought to prepare His disciples for those strategic events in redemptive history, as well as give them evidence that He, Jesus, is the Sovereign LORD; that events in the future do not happen apart from His knowledge, and control!

Friend, commit your week — your future — to Jesus’ care. He is Lord.

Here are the words of a prayer I used this morning (from the Valley of Vision collection). I hope they might be useful to many in devotions this Holy Week.

Father, let us take up his cross and follow him. May the agency of thy grace prepare us for thy dispensations. Make us willing that thou shoudst choose our inheritance and determine what we shall retain or lose, suffer or enjoy. If blessed with prosperity may we be free from its snares, and use — not abuse — its advantages. May we patiently and cheerfully submit to those aflictions which are necessary. When we are tempted to wander, hedge up our way, excite in us abhorrence of sin, wean us from the present evil world. Assure us that we shall at last enter Immanuel’s land, where none is ever sick, and the sun will always shine.


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