Leap Year strikes again

If you’re like me (and in this regard, that’s not likely), you have no birthday this year. The lack of a Leap Year strkes again! You see, I was born on February 29th — found only in a leap year. But those leap years occur only once every four years! Three out of four years I have no birthday on the calendar to celebrate. You can read all about the technicalities of Leap Year online, such as at Wikipedia.

My complaint is mostly (now) just for making conversation. It’s actually fun to point out that my teenagers are “older than” me (I’ve had only 11 birthdays). In fact my oldest son and I both turned “10” the very same month in 2000, and my second oldest and I turned 11 the very same month in 2004.

So when do I celebrate? Interestingly enough I’ve found ways to celebrate on more than one day. By definition, my birthday is the last day of February, the 28th — my preferred day to celebrate. Yet one could also say my birthday is the day after February 28th — which opens up March 1st for natal festivities! (But I’ve never much cared for March, so this party option is seldom exercised).

So when YOUR birthday rolls around this year, sitting normally amdist the other days of the month, remember those of us who get by with… less!

1 thought on “Leap Year strikes again

  1. Happy Birthday, David! May you be blessed and used by God in many ways in the year ahead. It was great to be with you at the Bethlehem Pastors’ Conference a few weeks ago!


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