Nothing but leaves?

Reading in the Gospel of Mark the other day, I froze at the following words: “…he found nothing but leaves”. When Jesus was looking for fruit, He only found leaves. Why did I freeze? For fear that my life could be merely foliage, without Christ-pleasing fruit. Jesus cursed that fruitless tree. We ought not to presume to be exempt to His scrutiny when we stand before Him one day.

So let’s pray and seek to be fruitful in our faith. The following prayer comes from a a wonderful collection published by the Banner of Truth [info below]. It is entitled: VOCATION.* May the Lord hear us and help us.
–Pastor David

Heavenly Father,
Thou hast placed me in the church
which thy Son purchased by his own blood.
Add grace to grace that I may live worthy
of my vocation.

I am a voyager across life’s ocean;
Safe in heaven’’s ark, may I pass through
a troubled world
into the harbour of eternal rest.

I am a tree of the vineyard thou hast planted.
Grant me not to be barren, with worthless
leaves and wild grapes;
Prune me of useless branches;
Water me with dews of blessing.
I am part of the Lamb’s bride, the church.

Help me to be true, faithful, chaste, loving,
pure, devoted;
Let no strong affection wantonly dally
with the world.

May I live high above a love of things temporal,
sanctified, cleansed, unblemished, hallowed
by grace,
thy love my fullness,
thy glory my joy,
thy precepts my pathway,
thy cross my resting place.

My heart is not always a flame of adoring love,
But, resting in thy Son’’s redemption,
I look forward to the days of heaven,
where no langour shall oppress,
no iniquities chill,
no mists of unbelief dim the eye,
no zeal ever tires.

Father, these thoughts are the stay, prop,
and comfort of my soul. AMEN.

Valley Of Vision, A Collection Of Puritan Prayers
Editor : Arthur Bennett ISBN#: 851512283
Banner of Truth Trust publishers, 1975

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