Don’t waste your cancer

How are you doing this fine spring evening? I hope this post finds you satisfied after a good day’s work, and fed, and well.

But how is our attitude when things are not well, or when you’ve just received seriously bad news — possibly about yourself?

At the beginning of 2006 Pastor John Piper of Minneapolis was diagnosed with prostrate cancer (a very early stage of it). On Feb 14th, he underwent successful surgery, and is well recovered. In the midst of that trial, he wrote about “not wasting” his cancer — a strange expression to our ears.

Just the other day the major newspaper of the Twin Cities metro area ran the essence of his writing on this subject. The web link below should take you there. I suggest you read it. You do NOT need to have cancer to profit from such thinking. Perhaps something else is shaking you and your world. The principles transfer well.

Let’s learn to think and act ‘christianly’ in this broken old world — to the praise and glory of our heavenly Father!
Yours by divine mercy,
Pastor David

Here’s the link to the newspaper article:
StarTribune Piper article

More Piper info from his ministry website…
Desiring God

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