The Wander & Wonder of Prayer!

This week is Prayer Week at our church, with a daily gathering for prayer — weather permitting.

As I think more deeply about prayer this morning two timely points hit home from the prince of preachers, C.H. Spurgeon. This excerpt comes from the actual pulpit prayer of Spurgeon on April 21, 1878….

“We must sorrowfully also lament our hearts, how they wander. If Thou givest us a blessing we begin to idolize it. How often do we set our hearts upon children, upon some beloved object, or upon wealth or upon honor. Somehow or other, this spiritual adultery too often comes upon us, and the chastity of our hearts towards our God is violated. Be please to forgive us in this thing also. … Let the whole heart be Christ’s alone, and never stray again.”

“Yet we do bless Thee this morning that we can pray in this fashion, for there was a time when it never struck us that there was much amiss with us, when sin was no plague to us; when we lived even in outward sin with but slight accusation of conscience, and certainly without any pain at heart.”

Friends, Spurgeon is right on target here: our hearts can sadly wander in prayer, yet, what a wonder it is that God gives us this marvelous gift of prayer. Let us pray often — but be careful to use as directed.

pastor david

2 thoughts on “The Wander & Wonder of Prayer!

  1. Hi Pastor David,

    It is no suprise that when we were “blind and could not see” that we had no need for or desire to pray. God had not set His eternity in our heart.

    I thank Him over and over for changing my heart of stone to a heart of flesh.

    Thank you brother for you leadership and faithfulness to His Word. God bless!



  2. Eivion,
    Thanks for the testimony! The desire to pray is one confirmation of GRACE at work in us. And prayer is a sweet foretaste of the joys of heaven that await us.

    pastor david


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