A Christian Paradox?

I’ve just found a fascinating article in HARPERS (link is below) about Christians not actually living out what they profess to believe — thus a paradox. It’s writing by a (self-professed) church-going believer of some sort. It raises some interesting points.

Philip Ryken has commented on it:
“This is a haunting analysis of the contemporary church and its captivity to the godless values of our selfish society. Rather than serving as a countercultural community for Christ, the church actually justifies the goals of self-centered individualism. I essentially agree with McKibben’s analysis and have presented it as a well-stated warning about the cultural captivity of the church — something that is sometimes hard for us to see because it is the very air that we breathe.”
(from http://www.reformation21.org/Reformation_21_Blog/57/)

Why not read it the original article? I’ll have more reaction on Monday.
Pastor David

BTW, this image is an old “paradox” — is it a beautiful young lady, or, is it a weathered old woman?


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