A view of death

And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment… Hebrews 9:27 esv
Dr Al Mohler writes,

“We are all going to die. Christians understand death to be the result of human sin and the final enemy is defeated by Christ. But as long as this age continues, death comes to us all. The reality of death frames the urgency and importance of making the most of the time we are given.” (emphasis added)

From:  The Leader and Death, chapter 24 in The Conviction to Lead (Bethany House Pub., 2012), p. 199.

Piper Quote of the Day

“Until God is our treasure, we will not grieve over out falling short of being satisfied in Him and begin living in a way that shows that satisfaction.”

(Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, pg. 125)