Playing Paintball

My oldest two boys, and a couple of their friends (and my own boyish desires) have enticed me into playing paintball.

Have you heard of this? It uses “toy” guns that shoot small balls of paint, using CO-2 gas for power. The balls come out about the same speed and distance as the old BB guns — but the paintballs hurt a little bit more when you get hit. Oh, yes, the game involves shooting others with your paintball guns. Everyone wears old clothes [they say the paint is washable] as well as a full face mask which also protects your ears. It’s a huge leap forward from the old cops and robbers (or cowboys & indians) we used to play!

After just a couple of outings, I can say it’s overall fun (and safe) to play. The only injury was to my pride in being the first one shot (most of the time). After a game, the conversation usually includes talk of close-calls, or being pinned-down for a while before escaping (or being shot). Those of us who loose also ask the winners for tips on how to improve next time. (I’ll let you know how I do!)

Good thing its all a game.

In other places in the world, folks are using real guns to shoot — and kill — others. News reports say that in Wisconsin (my home state of all places!), one man out hunting on someone else’s property shot and killed five or more men with his hunting rifle. With few survivors, details there are sketchy, but the story is shocking and sad. The world is filled with real dangers which we all must be aware of, and wary of.

Sadly, most Americans are unaware, and unconcerned when made aware, about the REAL and DEADLY danger of sin. (Readers of my journals know I often turn in this direction while I write). Seriously, while the Bible says that “the wages of sin is death” most folks treat their sins as mere PAINTBALLS — painful only for a moment (if at all), and easily washed away in the end. But each and every sin is sufficiently deadly to send your soul to hell.

The remedy is not to ‘dodge’ your sins in the midst of life’s spiritual warfare, as you might dodge a paintball. The solution is not to give-up, realizing everyone is hit and stained by sin. The way to peace, and salvation, is only through the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The cross is His weapon (so to speak), with which He vanquishes sin and death, and removes our sin and guilt from us. The victory He has won is shared only by all who place their faith and hope in HIM.

Reader, are you stained by your sins? What do you do with your guilt? Do you trust Christ alone to redeem you?

I hope these thoughts direct you to the truth of the Bible, and the peace and joy and deliverance Christ offers to all who will believe. Read the Word of God today, and come to faith in Christ.

Yours by divine mercy,
pastor dave

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