Have you no SHAME??

Well? When was the last time you actually saw someone express or show shame publicly?

It seems to me that Americans have lost their capacity for shame. Of course, some sub-cultures within America continue the practice of feeling/showing shame when called for. But (by and large) our culture no longer imposes, or evokes it from those who are discovered in a shameful act or condition.

And this is bad news for all of us!

Why? Because it reflects a growing lack of sensitivity to moral standards and propriety, and a disregard for dignity (the image of God in you and in others). And this, in turn is a terminal diagnosis for any culture.

Edward Marbury once said: “Sin carries two rods [punitive consequences] with it: shame and fear.” Without feeling shame, men and women can sin with impunity.

Now please note: I am not defending the abuse of shame. Some wrongly use a form of shame to manipulate a family’s public image (ie: “you can’t drop out of college – what would people think!”), or to suppress the truth (ie: “no one must learn about what you did…”). Such behavior robs shame of its role — of its usefulness in delineating moral norms and standards. Donald Carson has concluded, “We have been debilitated by the virus of indifferentism.”

For shame.

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