Touring Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After an unforgettable Fathers’ Day in Janesville, the family and I enjoyed a wonderful day here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We arrived last night at the grand old hotel we used for our wedding (the Marc Plaza is now a Hilton Hotel!), and saw the fancy Monarch Ballroom which we used for our wedding reception. Laurel’s parents gave us a much treasured memory there!

Today started for me at 5:00 AM, when I got up to send Andrew off to the airport (he flew to California to visit with a friend). Mid-morning, the rest of us toured several places where I grew-up, learned to ride a bike, walked/rode a city bus to grade school, the beautiful Milwaukee lakefront, and, the church where Laurel and I were married 26 years ago this week! Lots of stories for the kids to hear….

We spent the afternoon at a the Milwaukee County Zoo — a world-class zoo, which we almost had all to our selves! Great animals and good weather. And, we saw a little of the Miller Park (home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team) after that. Lots of fun — and tired feet!

I am very thankful to a gracious God for the past, and for the present.