Spotting Big Questions in Little Books

Coming home from the T4G Conference with 20+ books (most were gifts!) not only adds to the stacks of books in my Pastor’s Study but adds to my weekly reading agenda. It’s not that I will try to read them all in a few week’s time, but before I can decide which ones to read first, and which to set aside for a time, I must browse them all. This task is a real joy, but one still fraught with danger (that is, I could become caught up in the book and spent more time reading in it than I can afford that day).

Monday (typically my day off) I ambitiously took a handful of these books to the sofa for browsing after my devotions. I grabbed a bunch of the smaller books, foolishly thinking they could be browsed faster. I got caught right off the bat, and didn’t get past the first one! But this was really the Spirit’s work, I quickly realized (thank you, Lord). Continue reading