2 Rules for praying

Another blog has shared this fine quote by R C Sproul, from his new book on The Prayer of Our Lord:


There are really only two rules that you have to keep in mind when you’re in prayer, two things that should drive and govern and control your prayer life with the Almighty.

You should remember who is being addressed and who is doing the speaking.

That is, the first thing you are to remember in prayer is who it is you’re talking to, because nothing will condition your prayer life more deeply than remembering that you’re in conversation with God, the sovereign Creator and ruler of the universe.

Second, you are to remember who you are. You are not God. You are a creature. So prayer is not a conversation between peers; it is not a fireside chat among equals. This is the creature speaking to his sovereign Creator. (p. 15)

Amen! pdb

RC Sproul on Principles for Voting

There is a wonderful article on the Ligonier web site on “Principles for Voting” by Dr. RC Sproul. There is also an audio link for this same article.

Let’s be as prepared as possible to vote — and vote you must.