Omnipotence is the attribute of God (alone) describing His unlimited power, and ability to do anything He pleases. Commenting on this, the great 19th century preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon writes….


Omnipotence may build a thousand planets, and fill them with treasures; Omnipotence may crush mountains into dust, and cause all the seas to evaporate, and destroy the stars, but Omnipotence cannot do one unloving thing toward a believer. Oh! Rest assured, Christian, a harsh act, an unloving action from God toward one of His own people is quite impossible. He is just as kind to you when He throws you into prison as when He takes you into a palace; He is as good to you when He sends famine into your house as when He fills your cupboards with plenty. The only question is, “Are you His child?” If so, He has rebuked you in affection, and there is love in His discipline.


Unused Prayer

The Scriptures call us to pray continuously, moment to moment. When we do not pray, the need of the moment remains — and often drives us to unhelpful responses, such as anxiety. Paul Miller, in his book A PRAYING LIFE, illustrates this, beginning with the “unused” prayer of that moment…


What does an unused prayer link look like? Anxiety. Instead of connecting with God, our spirits fly around like severed power lines, destroying everything they touch. Anxiety wants to be God but lacks God’s wisdom, power or knowledge. … Because anxiety is self on its own, it tries to get control. It is unable to relax in the face of chaos. Once one problem is solved, the next in line steps up. The new one looms so large we forget the last deliverance. (p. 70)

1st Peter 5:7 tells Christians to be casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.