Tattoos and biblical counsel

I love this response by Dr Moore to a young man who writes for advice on: Should I Get a Christian Tattoo (Even If My Parents Don’t Like It)?

First the letter….

Dear Dr. Moore,

I want to get a tattoo. I’d like it on my stomach, with a cross, with the words, “Flee Immorality: You Were Bought with a Price.” I’d like this as a measure of accountability for myself as the years go by, in case the zeal I have for the gospel ever wanes and I’m ever in a place of temptation this will be an ever-present reminder of what I know to be true.

I am really convicted that this is what the Lord would have me to do. Here’s my problem.

I am 19 years old and a college student. I live at home with my parents. I work and pay for my own school, but I live with them. I love my parents and truly believe I honor them, but where does “honor your father and mother” end? I really believe this is an issue of obedience in doing what the Lord seems to be directing me to do.

You probably agree with my parents that I shouldn’t get the tattoo and I can respect that. I’ve thought it all through. My question isn’t whether I should get the tattoo; it’s whether I’d be sinning against God and my parents if I did it.

If I am under their authority right now, when does that end? When I’m 21? When I’m out of the house? Or does it ever end, when it comes to making decisions like this?

Bought with a Price

Then this response….

Dear Bought,

First of all, I hope my sons grow up to be like you, in all sorts of ways seen in this question. Your letter evidences a lot of commendable qualities: a desire to identify yourself radically with Christ, the recognition that you must protect yourself from your own potential future rebellion, concern for honoring your father and mother.

The command to honor father and mother never ends. Continue reading

Update on Dad…

Dad’s health improved this week, that he went off the oxygen feed late on Wednesday (at his request, approved by the nurse on duty), and plans began to be made to transfer him to the Health Center connected to his apartment complex, “Cedarcrest.” On Friday, he was moved and settled in there, and a group of friends gathering with Mom and Dad in his new room (it sounded like a party when I called!). Dad sounded good on the phone.

This past week, in those 12+ hours each day at the hospital, I found some time to talk with my Dad in between nurses and others coming and going. Thursday morning was wonderful in that we have 90 minutes without ANY interruptions. I read scripture, talked and prayed with Dad during those precious moments.

Please continue to pray for his physical and spiritual well-being….

airplane_cartoonI got home from Wisconsin on Thursday night, but almost missed my flight out of Chicago! I had allowed plenty of time to get to O’Hare from southern Wisconsin, but did not plan on Interstate 90 near Elgin, IL, coming to a near halt for 65 minutes! We covered maybe a mile or two in that time. By the time I arrived at the Dollar Rental car site it was less than 90 minutes to take-off! But those folks processed me quickly, and I got my “own” shuttle bus to the airport terminal, then got in line to check my bag — 60 minutes to take-off. The to the infamous O’Hare security lines, which were surprisingly shorter than Albany’s just then. Then a brisk walk/jog to the United concourse (a separate building connected underground). I made it 30 minutes before boarding — and had grabbed a ham sandwich as I walked. Whew.

Let me testify to the Lord’s presence and empowering in my life during this trip. He gathered many to pray for me & Dad, and some to provide special support to Laurel and I — for which we are so thankful. I could see the Lord’s mercies day by day, and was so blessed in my devotions during the trip.

Isn’t it often the case that the Lord’s richest blessings come to us in the midst of our more difficult days?!

God is good.