Manton: Get & keep the Word in your Heart

If you are to store up God’s word in you heart (Psalm 119:11), what must you be careful to do? Puritan Thomas Manton speaks plainly about two vital steps to take:


Oh, therefore, let us get it into our hearts; let it not only move the lighter part of the soul, bet get rooting, that it may have its full power and force. That we may not only have alittle knowledge to talk of it, but we are to hide it deeply, that it may take root, and spring up again in lur lives and conversations. To this end meditate often of it, and receive it in the love of it.

(1) MEDITATE OFTEN ON IT. ‘Mary kept all these sayings…’ How did she keep them? ‘She pondered them in her heart’ (Lk 2:19)….

(2) RECEIVE AND LOVE THE WORD. The Apostle makes this to be the ground of apostasy, ‘Because they received not the truth in the love of it…’ (2 Thess. 2:10). Oh let it soak into the affections; if it only lie in the tongue, or in the mind only, to make it a matter of talk and speculation, it will be soon gone.

Help us, Lord, to purposefully ponder and love the Word.

Manton: A ready Word really helps

Commenting further on Psalm 119:11 β€” I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you β€” puritan Thomas Manton lists practical helps to the believer who has memorize Scripture:


1. It will prevent vain thoughts.
2. A source of comfort, when you are alone, and without outward helps
3. It will help supply your prayers
4. It will be a great help in all your daily business [Prov. 6:21-22]
5. Relief (and a ‘sword’) when you face temptations.
6. Relief when you are afflicted and faint.
7. Making your conversation with others more gracious. [Mt. 12:34]