The Bible tells you everything…

I’ve decided to get down to reading a book which has long been waiting on the top of my pile: LOST IN THE MIDDLE, Midlife and the Grace of God, by the very wise and readable Paul David Tripp (Shepherd Press, 2004).

You are not even done with the introduction and you read really helpful things such as this:

The Bible is a narrative, and because it is a narrative, it tells us everything we need to know about midlife concerns. The Bible is the great story of redemption that encompasses the stories of every human life. It is THE overarching ‘everything’ story. it is comprehensive in scope without being exhaustive in content. It gives us wisdom for everything without directly discussing every particular thing.

Did you hear that? And it is true whatever topic of concern you have — midlife or otherwise. It should not surprise us; the Bible has provided help and answers for so many generations of seekers and believers, and continues to do so.

Why not spend less time online, and more time with sound Christian writing — and in the Word of God itself!


Our financial crisis…

As we all follow the financial crisis in DC, WORLD magazine – HERE – has a pretty good summary article on where this crisis came from.

I would add this to the “step 2” of the article: greedy home owners, seeing their equity value increase, did lots of refinancing to get their hands on that (inflated) value, then they SPENT it. When values dropped, they have more mortgage than house — which banks really don’t like.

Such greed is a sin, and sin always pays out hard wages.

I’m afraid that, at this juncture, our government will need to do something (spoken by a fierce capitalist), but hopefully not a bailout, but something which gains taxpayers some value. (This may just be what those House of Representatives’ Republicans are seeking today too).
We must be praying.