A good look at the cross…

  On this Good Friday you should be thinking about the cross. Nothing can teach you as much about Christianity as the cross. A serious view of the cross will impact your soul. Back in the 1800’s John Brown of Scotland wrote the following rich summary of what there is to see at the cross — and how it will affect you.

“Nothing is so well fitted to put the fear of God, which will preserve men from offending him, into the heart, as an enlightened view of the cross of Christ. There shines spotless holiness, inflexible justice, incomprehensible wisdom, omnipotent power, holy love. None of these excellencies darken or eclipse the other, but every one of them rather gives a luster to the rest. They mingle their beams, and shine with united external splendor: the just Judge, the merciful Father, the wise Governor. Nowhere does justice appear so awful, mercy so amiable, or wisdom so profound.”

Epithet — for a great Christian man

Tom Chantry writes these beautiful words for our dear brother, Bill Wenger, who recently went to be with the Lord. I only knew Bill a little bit — mostly through our times together at the Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conferences over the years. I enjoyed staying at his home once (he welcomed the whole Bissett clan on one of our trips through Pennsylvania), and knew him to be a fine servant of Christ and His church. I praise God for Bill Wenger, and pray for grace and comfort for those who mourn his passing.