a new journey

This is my daughter, Kathryn, writing about my son, Matt — and about our Lord God, His gracious care, and the kindness of His people…

Bloom & Grow

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Grace. Free unmerited favor. Poured out lavishly. And bringing with it unthinkable peace.

God has certainly lifted my heart and my hands these past few weeks. He’s made me stop in my tracks. He’s brought me to moments of grief and struggle. Yet, he has also gifted me with moments of joy and rest.

My not-so-little little brother, Matthew, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. As with most cancer diagnoses, it was a completely unexpected blow.

He was rushed in for an emergency back surgery. A tumor, which doctors were confident wasn’t cancerous, was pressing on his spinal cord and could’ve resulted in paralysis. My first day of teaching this month was the day of his surgery. I got the message that he was out of surgery as I was leaving school, and let me tell you the drive home…

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