Sometimes you just need to ask for help. (A life lesson that I still have not learned).

Rebekah Bissett.

I’m a fairly stubborn person. This tends to feed into my independent, do-it-yourself, workaholic personality. This past year hasn’t been the easiest—as a just slightly less than broke college student I work throughout the school year, summer, and holidays to pay for tuition. I am quite determined to be self-supporting, a goal which, as a full-time student racked with college debt, has proved to be a somewhat idealistic goal.

My motivation in the pursuit of self-sufficiency is largely rooted in the belief that I can do anything and everything. You know that blanket statement people like to rattle off—”you can do anything you but your mind too? Well, it’s not true.

You can’t do everything.

This is a lesson that has been dropped on my doorstep (or, more realistically, this lesson has pushed the door down, run over my welcome mat, and rolled right into my living room) on more…

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