When Half-Read Books Pile Up….the Reader’s Dilemma

Great thoughts on getting through our unread books!

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You know how it is…..busy life, many books, little time.  You’ve skimmed through many a preface in your day, read a multitude of introductory chapters, even managed to reach page 100 (a milestone indeed) in several volumes you fully intended to complete.  But alas, you find that making real progress eludes you.  Too many choices, too much dabbling.  In your weaker moments, you think of it as a perusal paradise…but, more truthfully, it’s death by browsing.

What is the confounded reader to do?

Well, here are some principles that will help you stay on track.  None of them are laws which must never be broken.  So, if you don’t find them helpful, discard.  These are more narrowly for Christian readers, but the general principles apply to all readers as well.

1.  Know Thyself.  Self-knowledge will help you avoid the obvious pitfalls.  Don’t rationalize that you’re simply going to take a look at the new book you…

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