Love the Lord most of all. Here are some sweet thoughts from my daughter, Kathryn, from her blog.

Bloom & Grow

Do not abandon your first love.

So often we let our hearts become entangled in the things our lives are made of. We focus so intensely on one thing that everything else fades to a blur. Or we spread ourselves so thin that nothing holds any great meaning. Recently I have been convicted time and time again by the idea of a first love. The one true first love. The only love. Of Jesus Christ. My heart has not always been faithful in putting Him at the center of my life. I let other things take over my time, my thoughts, my desires. But God is quick to check me and to remind me of who he is…

The song “O the deep deep love of Jesus” has continuously popped up these first few weeks of school: my roommates and I decided to paint one of the verses on canvas…

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