How is my meager prayer heard?

Without fail, God hears all the prayers of His people. Even the tepid petitions of four or five souls in a back room of a church in upstate NY, while the world noisily revolves around Olympic games or political races. Marvel at this with me…

It is indeed a wonder that our voice is heard at all! So weak, so broken is it at times, that it seems marvelous that it should be heard, even in silence the most intense. But heard it is, not in the midst of silence, but of myriad sounds. The cries of a groaning world are entering the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth; the songs of praising and adoring beings are ascending continually before His throne; the rush of myriad worlds as they whirl through space, is listened to by THE ONE form whose hand they were rolled forth upon their wondrous paths! But despite all these, the mind of the Infinite One is undistracted, and listens in undisturbed calmness to the whisperings of the least among His saints. O my soul, be deep in thy belief of this; and in that belief, even though thou canst pray with but a whispering voice, yet pray; let the belief of the Psalmist be also thine, “Evening, morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear my voice.” (Psalm 55:17)
~ P. B. Power*

*P.B. Power (1822-1899) is one of the more powerful writers on the topic of prayer. This quotation is from his book, The “I wills” of the Psalms (Banner of Truth Edition,1985; out of print), which is subtitled: The Determinations of the Man of God as found in some of the ‘I Wills’ of the Psalms.

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