But Jesus is Omnipotent

After a week of sudden illnesses in our home, and painful moments in ministry, this quote brought me much joy this morning. May it bless you as well. ~pdb

“Satan indeed is a giant in strength, but Jesus is omnipotent. He enters into direct conflict with the vile usurper. He hurls him from his throne. He wrests the scepter from his accursed hands. He tramples it beneath His conquering feet.

He throws wide open his prison-doors. He bids the prisoners to come forth. He calls them to breathe liberty’s pure air. He delivers them from the kingdom of darkness, and translates them into the regions of new life.

This deliverance is effected by the blessed Jesus, and the grand word is fulfilled, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” (Luke 10:18)”

Henry Law
Gleanings from the Book of Life

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