Are Evangelicals Doctrinally Weak?

I am just back from my annual time at the Banner of Truth Ministers’ Conference. The campus goofed on the wifi password, so I was off-line all week (not a bad thing really). In my catching-up this morning, I spotted this quote and post. I commend it to you. pdb

Are Evangelicals Doctrinally Weak?.

2 thoughts on “Are Evangelicals Doctrinally Weak?

  1. Hey, David.

    The campus wifi was truly messed up last week. I called and got the right password and was able to get on line – sort of. I was able to skype with my kids, but the wifi network there wouldn’t allow any browser to function properly.

    It was good to see you, but I was sorry not to have a longer conversation with you.



    • Hey Tom,
      It was a real blessing to sit under your ministry of the Word; well said and much needed — which is why I attend the Banner Conference! I do hope we can connect in the near future. Your work in my home state of Wisconsin is often in my prayers. *Let me know if you are ever heading to the east on vacation or other — would love to host you guys.


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