Asking deeper questions…

Asking deeper questions….

1 thought on “Asking deeper questions…

  1. Pastor Bissett,
    This was a great article. Loved it. So true of the questions to ask of a church because so many are now just looking at the presentation and not going deeper. We praise God everyday for the teaching, caring, discipleship and love we received at CPCC. It was our foundation as new christians and we so needed that. We are praising God for our church here in NC. When I read these questions, I am reaffirmed that God has us in the right place. Tim is becoming a deacon next month. God has given him a deacon’s heart and now he has finished the 6 month training, testing and verbal with the session. The congregation just has to vote on him and he will be ordained in August. We give all the praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Give our love to everyone and the family. Amazing how time has gone by.


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