Unfailing comfort

Oh, you who want unfailing comfort, I commend you to Christ! In Him alone there is no failure. Rich men are disappointed in their treasures. Learned men are disappointed in their books. Husbands are disappointed in their wives. Wives are disappointed in their husbands. Parents are disappointed in their children. Statesmen are disappointed when, after many a struggle, they attain place and power. They find out, to their cost, that it is more pain than pleasure, – that it is disappointment, annoyance, incessant trouble, worry, vanity, and frustration of spirit.
But no man was ever disappointed in Christ.

~ J.C. Ryle

*I’m back from a whirlwind vacation week: Last Monday I flew through Atlanta to Florida, then drove the family minivan from there to northwest Georgia (experienced night of tornadoes there), to Nashville (2 days); then on through Ohio to Grove City, PA and Syracuse, NY. Home late last night. This week I hope to post comments on the rest of the T.G.C. conference, as well as the vacation week. God has been teaching me much, and sprinkling blessings at every turn.

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