Isaiah blossoms at “Bloom & Grow”

My oldest daughter, Kathryn, a student at Grove City College (PA), has been writing some wonderful blog posts as she studies her way through the book of Isaiah.

Her blog is called Bloom and Grow, and recent posts have included:

Weighed Down” on idolatry — 

I’ve been reading about and studying the topic of idolatry a lot this semester… It’s not something that is fun to talk about because you have to dig deep into your heart and ask the Lord to refine your passions and desires. They ought to be all for him, but we so easily give them to other things… Our idols do nothing but wear us down. We try to fashion them into beautiful things, but that just makes them more heavy.

Never Forsaken” on God’s promise in Isaiah 49:15-16 —

We often write things on our hands to help us remember things. God says that he has engraved us on the palms of his hands. To engrave means to “carve, cut, or etch into; to impress or affect deeply.” You name is impressed into his hands, where it will never be erased.

And a post today called “Love is Here” from Isaiah 54-55.

God’s love is powerful – it can wipe us clean and leave us unashamed. It is steadfast – it will never leave us no matter what. It is fulfilling – it will satisfy us so that we never go hungry. It is compassionate – it will pardon us in ABUNDANCE (an overflowing fullness or ample sufficiency, copious supply; superfluity). It is intricately woven into his word – which will never return void. It has a purpose. It is so great!

Click through to read more.
— a proud and thankful dad (pdb)

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