Greatest miracle of the Old Testament?

Jonathan Edwards, the great American theologian, wrote the following in his series of sermons published as A HISTORY OF THE WORK OF REDEMPTION….

But this preservation of the children of Israel for so long a time in the wilderness, was on some accounts more remarkable than any of them [other previous miracles, including Noah and the ark]; for it was by a continual miracle of so long duration. There was, as may be fairly computed, at first two millions of souls in that congregation, that could not subsist any better without meat and drink than other men. But if this had been withheld, they must all have perished, every man, woman, and child, in less than one month’s time, so that there would not have been one of them left. But this vast multitude subsisted for forty years together, in a dry barren wilderness, without sowing or reaping, or tilling any land, having their bread daily rained down to them our of heaven and being furnished with water to satisfy them all, our of a rock; and the same clothes with which they came our of Egypt, lasting without wearing out all that time. Never was any instance like this, of a nation being so upheld for so long a time together. Thus God upheld his church by a continue miracle and kept alive that people in who was the blessing, the promised seed, and great Redeemer of the world.
(page 85)

As you ponder that great preservation of God’s people in the wilderness, do not miss the intended application: God will so preserve His present people in the midst our current wilderness of this world!

Great is the Lord our God!

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