Is it fair to discuss a President’s faith?

Yes. And such an open discussion is part of America’s strength. President Obama’s religious belief’s and behaviors are open to discussion by the public.

Paul Kengor (author and scholar) adds some historical perspective, while alerting us to dangers of denying such a discussion. A one page article worth reading. Excerpts below…

And how about claims against other presidents?

Liberals constantly questioned Ronald Reagan’s faith, because of his infrequent church attendance, his wife consulting stargazers, his Central America policy, his welfare policy, his environmental policy. Reagan suffered these suspicions even as he repeatedly stated he was a Christian. He endured a question during a nationally televised presidential debate with Walter Mondale. Two weeks later, in another televised debate, Reagan was asked if his beliefs about Armageddon fueled his nuclear policy.

Still today, liberals ask me about Reagan’s faith, including if he was really a Christian.

Reagan is far from alone. Some 200 years after his presidency, Thomas Jefferson’s faith is ever-maligned. He’s accused of all sorts of things. Even the beliefs of Lincoln and Washington are debated.

What about our most recent president? I can’t tell you how many times I addressed serious inquiries about whether George W. Bush was seeking to impose a theocracy, or why Bush supposedly believed Christ had ordered him to defang Saddam. It took every bit of charity to suck it up and respond with patience. I never thought to stomp and sniff: That question should not be permitted airtime!

Most disturbing, but, frankly, not surprising, is that this push [some are saying “no media airtime” for any who question Obama’s Christianity] comes from self-anointed apostles of diversity and tolerance, who tell us the Religious Right is intolerant

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