Fervency in worship

I used the following quote as our call to worship last Sunday.

The attributes of God call for fervency in worship. God is a great and glorious God, and when we approach His presence it becomes us to come with our affectins in the best array. Are yawning prayers fit for such a great God? Should we speak to such a majesty before we are well awake? He that does not offer up his best, robs God of His due, for He is a great God. He is also a living God. Is a dead-hearted prayer a suitable sacrifice for a living God? How can God, who is all life, enjoy our lazy, listless devotions?

Fervency is to prayer what fire is to incense….

Fervency unites the soul and directs the thoughts to the work at hand….

Doe not the living God and loving Father deserve all our zeal? O the shame of it! Let us not be cold in His worship, lagging behind the world’s zeal in pursuit of earthly mammon.”

— Puritan William Gurnall,
commenting on JAMES 5:16
(taken from Voices from the Past: Puritan Devotional Readings (Banner of Truth), edited by Richard Rushing

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