On Wisconsin!

Hopefully you know the famous fight song, “On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin!” If not, I’ll be happy to teach it to you when we meet… or you can start online here as played by the mighty Wisconsin Badgers marching band! (Woo, go Badgers!)

The family is enjoying a wonderful, slow-paced vacation here in southern Wisconsin visiting my parents and siblings. (I say “slow-paced” for a few reasons – we are on a leisurely schedule, and everyone out here walks and drives very slowly!). It rained while we drove in on Monday/Tuesday, but we’ve had perfect summer days of sunshine so far. My parents are in good health, and the grandkids are drinking up lots of stories — and love. I am so thankful we are able to make this trip and reconnect. These things do not happen unless we plan and act.

I wish you were here — here’s a postcard for you from a site of a guy who is collecting such cards from all 50 states (click through for his link). You can spot Janesville at the bottom-center of the state. I’ve lived in a lot of towns (Beloit, Mosinee, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Middleton, Eau Claire, Watertown), so this definitely feels like home!

I am not able to get online much (so far) so very few blog or Facebook updates, but can update on Twitter (as ‘dbissett’) from my cellphone.

My reading progress has really slowed, but I am being greatly helped reading excerpts from Richard Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor, now published by the Banner of Truth as a mini-book. One good example is this, which particularly struck me as vacation means living in such “close proximity” with the kids (the boys and I all share a hotel room together!)….

“One proud, surly, lordly word, one needless contention, one covetous action, may cut the throat of many a sermon. Take heed to yourselves, lest your example contradict your doctrine.”

Yes, life is where the rubber hits the road — with real (even eternal) consequences.

Thanks for your prayers as we travel.

2 thoughts on “On Wisconsin!

  1. Wisconsin! I hope it is a wonderful time of relaxation for the whole family. Did indeed the whole family come out?

    Richard Baxter, I learned a bit about him from a iTunes U class I listened to by J.I. Packer. The Puritans never cease to amaze me with their zeal and excellent words of encouragement and exhortation. Just finished Owen’s “The Mortification of Sin last night (from the Puritan Paperback series). Great read!


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